Are you ready for an extraordinary new immersive experience?


Get ready for an amazing journey through light games, optical illusions and more.

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The first reality in Switzerland with 6 multi-sensory rooms offering extraordinary immersive installations, where nothing is as it seems.

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OLTRE is a versatile and exclusive space that can accommodate artists who wish to temporarily exhibit their works or can be set up for corporate events.

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Do you want to have a fun, unique and surprising experience with your group of friends, family or colleagues? If shared, the fun doubles!

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The Sense Gallery is transformed into a unique classroom, where experimentation with the senses leads students to ask questions about the world around them and perceived reality.

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The Sense Gallery is located inside FoxTown, international factory stores with over 160 stores selling fashion, accessories, household goods and more.

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Your visit

The Sense Gallery is the first reality in Switzerland to offer an extraordinary immersion in multi-sensoriality, including light games, optical illusions and much more.

Let yourself be amazed by a new world that will amuse and astound you, because nothing is as it seems!

The Sense Gallery is the ideal place for young and old for a sensational adventure far from reality.

Do you want to host your art or corporate event? OLTRE is the versatile and exclusive solution in a new and exciting location.

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6 multisensorial rooms with immersive installations



The Sense Gallery is a permanent space with rooms that are renewed periodically



FoxTown Factory Stores
New Area, Level 1
Via Angelo Maspoli
CH - 6850 Mendrisio


Where are we

You will find us in Mendrisio, inside FoxTown Factory Stores, a few kilometres from the Italian border and directly connected to the Mendrisio San Martino railway station.


Arriving from Lugano
A2 motorway in the direction of Mendrisio, Mendrisio exit

Arriving from Milan
Motorway A9 direction Como - motorway pass Chiasso Brogeda
Motorway A2 direction Lugano, exit Mendrisio

Arriving from Varese
S233 direction Malnate - Gaggiolo Swiss border - Stabio - Mendrisio


The Sense Gallery is directly connected to Mendrisio San Martino railway station. Book online on the Swiss railway website


Stop: Mendrisio, via Morèe Check the timetable online on the PostBus company website

Frequently Asked Questions

Want more information on accessibility or the experience at The Sense Gallery?


Do you have further questions? Contact us at

Is reservation compulsory?

No, it is not compulsory, but we recommend purchasing tickets for The Sense Gallery in advance, especially at weekends and on public holidays.

Can I change or cancel my tickets?

Unfortunately no, it is not possible to cancel or change tickets that have already been purchased. 

I can't buy tickets online, can I buy them on site?

Yes of course, you can buy tickets directly at The Sense Gallery entrance.

I have not received the purchase confirmation, what can I do?

We ask you to check in your mailbox, indicated during the purchase, whether the order confirmation was mistakenly filed as junk mail. 

Otherwise, if the confirmation is not there either, please write to us at and we will send you a copy of your tickets. 

What happens if I arrive late? 

The visit is bound to the time indicated when purchasing the ticket. You are allowed to enter the spaces with a maximum delay of 5 minutes. 

Do I have to print out my ticket?

Printing your ticket is not necessary, as there are QR code readers at the entrance of The Sense Gallery that can scan the code in the confirmation email, directly from your smartphone. 

Is The Sense Gallery suitable for people with photosensitivity or epilepsy?

Visitors enter all The Sense Gallery premises at their own risk. Visitors with claustrophobic and epileptic conditions are advised not to visit The Sense Gallery to ensure their own health and safety and the health and safety of other visitors. Visitors are required to take their health conditions into account in order to responsibly assess whether a visit with the presence of illusory optical effects is suitable for them.

Is The Sense Gallery suitable for young children?

The experience inside The Sense Gallery is suitable for everyone: kids, young people, adults and families! However, boys and girls under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I access The Sense Gallery with a stroller?

Yes of course, you can also access The Sense Gallery with a stroller. 

Can I access The Sense Gallery with a wheelchair?

People with disabilities are welcome. Walkers and wheelchairs are permitted. The Sense Gallery provides a wheelchair which can be reserved or requested at the FoxTown Infopoint (Level 1). 

Can I visit The Sense Gallery with a school class?

Yes of course, we recommend that you contact The Sense Gallery directly to arrange a school visit so that group access slots can be reserved.

There are special rates for schools, starting with groups of 15 people. 

Can I rent The Sense Gallery for private and/or corporate events?

OLTRE is one of The Sense Gallery's multi-sensory rooms, where emotion comes to life and becomes limitless space. This space can become a location for private and corporate events, as well as a stage for artists and digital exhibitors. 

For more information on the opportunities within OLTRE, please write directly to The Sense Gallery at

Can I give the experience at The Sense Gallery as a gift?

Yes of course, in the "Tickets" section there is an option to purchase Vouchers, which can be either by type of admission or open-ended amount. 

The validity of the Vouchers is 5 years. 

Are animals allowed at The Sense Gallery?

Sorry, but it is not possible to enter with animals. Only certified guide, support or assistance dogs are allowed.

How long does a visit to The Sense Gallery last?

The experience inside The Sense Gallery has no set duration. On average, visitors take around 30 minutes to immerse themselves in all the spaces and enjoy the journey through the senses. 

Is The Sense Gallery permanent?

Yes, of course. The Sense Gallery is permanent, but the content of its rooms will be renewed periodically to offer visitors a different and unique experience. 

Is there a Wi-Fi network within The Sense Gallery? 

Yes of course, you can connect to the network available for visitors. 

Can I take photos and videos during the experience?

Visitors have the right to make video and audiovisual recordings on the premises of The Sense Gallery exclusively for the visitor's personal use, up to a maximum limit of 3 minutes. For other uses of the visitor other than personal use (commercial purposes, artistic production) video and audiovisual recordings may be made only upon request with prior written approval of the Management.

Is there a restaurant or bar inside The Sense Gallery?

The Sense Gallery is located inside FoxTown Factory Stores, where you can find 9 bars and restaurants. From Swiss specialities to oriental flavours, from an explosion of Hawaiian colours to refined Italian cuisine and quick sneaks, there is something for every taste. 

Is a cloakroom service available? Is there a lost property policy? 

A cloakroom with lockers is available (free of charge) for leaving coats, shopping bags, personal belongings, etc. before entering the spaces. Items left in lockers must be collected before leaving The Sense Gallery. For security reasons, lockers are opened and emptied every evening by The Sense Gallery staff.

All items lost, misplaced or forgotten during the visit, if found in the exhibition spaces, are kept at the FoxTown Management offices. To activate the lost object search procedure, please send an e-mail to the following address: 

Are there toilets inside The Sense Gallery?

No, there are no bathrooms in the spaces of The Sense Gallery. The toilets are located in the immediate vicinity of the entrance, inside FoxTown Factory Stores.